The “newer potassium salt” mentioned on the Dr. Oz Show, MetaCore70™ has been studied by Dr. Harry G. Preuss of Georgetown University Medical Center and is the (–)-hydroxycitrate (HCA) potassium salt to which Dr. Preuss referred in his Dr. Oz interview. It is the only pharmaceutically pure (–)-hydroxycitrate (HCA) salt available and is produced according to a patented Glykon production method.

Superior Efficacy

Calcium salts of HCA are poorly soluble in water. This can be observed by attempting to dissolve these salts in a glass of water. Poor water solubility severely hampers absorption in the intestines thus limiting bioavailability.

Most commercially available HCA and Garcinia cambogia extracts are sold in the form of calcium salts because they are the cheapest to produce and the easiest to work with. MetaCore70™ is more challenging to produce, but displays 3X to 6X greater absorption.

The poor bioavailability of calcium salts means that extremely large quantities are required to achieve HCA’s touted effects. MetaCore™ does not have this problem and even significantly bests other potassium HCA salts.

For HCA that actually works, MetaCore70™ is the only choice.

Intellectual Property

The effects of MetaCore70™ are unsurpassed AND bulwarked by an extensive suite of process and use patents.

Issued Patents:

US PAT. NO. Title
8,394,856 (-)-Hydroxycitric acid for controlling inflammation
8,367,864 Dimeric double metal salts of (−)-hydroxycitric acid, methods of making and uses of same
7,189,416 Method for stable and controlled delivery of (-)-hydroxycitric acid
6,482,858 (-)-hydroxycitric acid for wound healing and immunomodulation
6,476,071 Correcting polymorphic metabolic dysfunction with (-)-hydroxycitric acid
6,447,807 Potassium (-)-hydroxycitric acid methods for pharmaceutical preparations for stable and controlled delivery
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6,207,714 Methods and pharmaceutical preparations for improving glucose metabolism with (-)-hydroxycitric acid