Glykon has dual muses. The first Glykon was a Greek god of medicine. The second Glykon was a renowned Greek sculptor whose most famous work was of Hercules. Both speak to what we are.

Greek God of Alternative Medicine

Asclepius is generally recognized as the Greek god of medicine and healing. In fact the Rod of Asclepius (not to be confused with the Caduceus) has been used as a symbol of the American Medical Profession for over a century.

Like Asclepius, Glykon is described as having been a serpent. The ancients attributed wisdom and healing powers to snakes. This mythology is the source of the snake on the Rod of Asclepius and in depictions of these two gods of Medicine.

Glykon postdates Asclepius in Greek history and was proclaimed by some as the “New Asclepius”. Those that supported Glykon predominantly recognized the god as an alternative source of knowledge, not a replacement.

Sculptor of Hercules

The heroically proportioned Farnese Hercules by Glykon is one of the most renowned statues of antiquity. It is notable not only for depicting the stature and musculature of Hercules, but also because it depicts Hercules with a hand held behind his back grasping very special apples.

Hercules holds golden apples stolen from the Garden of Hesperides. The garden was Hera’s secret orchard said to have existed at the far western corner of the world and protected by nymphs. In the orchard stood a tree that fruited golden apples. One of Hercules 12 Labors tasked him with acquiring those apples. He accomplished this through cunning, tricking Atlas to take a break from holding up the world in order to help him.

At GTG, we think the ingredients we create and the services we offer can help modern humans craft the healthy bodies they desire much like Glykon freed Hercules from a block of marble.

We also realize that Nature does not relinquish her secrets easily. Like Hercules, we are prepared to go to the ends of the earth to not only find ingredients that work but to preserve them. This approach allows us to succeed where others have come-up short and hold in our hand what others have only written stories about.